Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meal Planning (4/27)

I had noticed several other bloggers of note doing "Menu Plan Monday," but I never really looked very closely. But as I perused Womanly Excellence earlier this week, I looked a bit closer at the "picture" above her menu and realized it wasn't a simple picture, but a button. And more importantly, at the bottom of the button, it said "" Of course, organization freak that I am, I immediately clicked and found a wonderful site. Those of you who know me well are aware that I relax by going to WalMart or Target and walking down the aisles that sell organizational products. There is always some sort of bin or cart or organizer on my Christmas and birthday lists. And if you read the "About" page on, you will see that I have found my home! Oh, to find someone who understands!!

Okay, back to the point. She does a weekly post where everyone links their menus for the week. In and of itself, this is an amazing resource! But then, she's also got links to resources for meal planning! You've got to go check out this site.

Now, my turn. (Note - DH is out of town for the week. Since it's just me and the toddlers, we're not getting fancy. It's kids' week!)

Monday: Beef-Vegetable stew (Thank you, Ginni!), dinner rolls

Tuesday: BBQ Sloppy Joes, broccoli & cheese

Wednesday: Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, peas

Thursday: Turkey & Lentil quesadillas, avocado, rice

Friday: Pancakes, eggs, & bacon

Saturday: Crock pot chicken & mixed veggies, dinner rolls

Sunday: Smoked pork, corn, spinach salad, dinner rolls


Snow White said...

welcome to menu planning! your week looks delicious -- especially the turkey and lentil quesadillas! Would you be willing to share your recipe?

Rachel said...

Snow White,

Thanks for stopping by! For the quesadillas, I use this recipe from recipezaar:

I add ground turkey to the mix, and it's a wonderful filling for tacos, burritos, mexican lasagna, and anything else you can think of! It's one of my favorite recipe finds. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Simply Sara said...


I'm totally impressed...if my hubby was out of town I'm afraid we'd be eating mac and cheese every night :)

Oh, and I agree, the turkey and lentil quesadillas sound very good!
Thanks for sharing the link!

Rachel said...


Who wants mac and cheese when you can eat porcupines! I love it. That is definitely going on my menu soon.

Jennifer said...

Sometimes it's nice to have a laid-back cooking week. I find that once I have one, I'm anxious to try something new the following week. This menu looks great, and welcome aboard!

Rachel said...


Thanks for the welcome! I look forward to trying out many of the recipes I've seen posted so far. My trouble will be deciding which ones!

Melissa said...

Looks like a great plan! Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!

Marli Creeach said...

Great job on the Menu Plan!

Kelly said...

Wow! That's a full week...I can barely get four in plus a leftover night! Welcome to the meme.