Monday, April 27, 2009

Sock Mop

As I folded the laundry, I noticed yet another of DH's socks with a hole. I added it to the pile of holey socks, now nearly as big as the pile of those intact. I realized I was either going to have to find a good sale on socks or learn to... darn? I don't even know the sewing technique for mending socks! So the socks went into the "repair" basket. Fortunately, I found a sale and stocked up, leaving me with a basket of socks to trash.

That evening, however, I was mopping with a back ache. Mopping is my least favorite chore in the whole house. Thinking that there HAD to be a better way, I vaguely recalled someone mentioning that they mopped by sliding across the floor in their socks. I have socks! But I wanted something strong for those sticky spots (remember, we've got two dogs, two kids, and two parents in our house). Then... brilliance. I put my tennis shoes on, then I put DH's holey socks on over my shoes. Yes, my feet looked quite amusing. They kind of reminded me of that last month of pregnancy. The boys kept coming over and looking at my feet, afraid to touch them. Then I got out the floor cleaner, sprayed a small section, and carefully "skated" over it in my sock mops. It was great, and the floor looked better than it did after my usual mopping. It's easier on the back, and a good workout for your legs! What more could you ask?

Do you have any tips or tricks for making a household chore easier? Please share it! If not, what is your least favorite chore? Maybe someone else has an idea to make it less unpleasant. I'm always looking for good ideas, and I'm sure others would appreciate it, too.

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