Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Top 5 Posts (so far)

I had always thought blogging was pretty useless, but in February of this year, I realized that it most certainly had its benefits for both blogger and reader. In the two months since, I've used my blog to organize my thoughts, reevaluate my actions, and discover God's will in my life. For my 50th post, I decided to look through and pick my Top 5 Posts, the ones that represent a significant revelation or a substantial change of heart. Here they are (with excerpts) in chronological order. Please leave a comment sharing which was your favorite! Thanks.

I Thought I WAS Cooking!
"On the few occasions where I had to cook, we had Stouffer's lasagna, Tyson chicken-kiev, Velveeta Mac-n-cheese, Banquet Crock-Pot Classics, and Digorno Pizza. Yes, I burned the food occasionally, even after we got the timer, and I sometimes forgot to turn the oven off until bedtime, but I was cooking."

A Cozy Conversation
"The thought of spending more than 20 minutes in serious conversation with me sends DH running for the remote control. It's not that he doesn't want to talk; he does. What he doesn't want is little to me carry on for 30 minutes about why I would like to buy a new shower curtain... and THEN ask him what he thinks and ask HIS reasoning behind it. Like most men, DH does not really care about that stuff. He sees the big picture and that's that. ('Will we still have a shower curtain? Okay then.')"

A Prayer Cheat Sheet
"I've recently realized I can make a 'prayer cheat sheet' to help me stay focused while praying and ensure that my prayers aren't stagnant. In my research, I found a few helpful resources that may benefit someone else out there."

Fire Drills
"In the process of taking out a colander, DH knocks over the precarious tower of tupperware. Lids and bowls (thousands of them?) clatter onto the floor, and before we are able to gather them, the children and the dogs (lured by the noise) run through, scattering them hither and yon. Looks like we're washing more dishes."

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone
"Baby stuff, toddler stuff... that's stuff I know! Preschool, though, that's a scary new world. The toys are more dangerous (those golf clubs are great for hitting your brother). The games are messier (paper butterflies all over the living room). The activities require more supervision (unless you like finding finger paint on the blinds). The interactions require more teaching on my part. Can I handle that? Can I be trusted to accomplish all that?"

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