Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Meal Planning (5/6)

Yes, I'm a few days late. But it's NEVER too late to do some meal planning. I'm trying to use up some stuff from my fridge and freezer since I've not been all that impressed with the offerings at Kroger and Schnucks lately.

Monday: Chicken (in a crock pot.) It's the first time I've ever dealt with a whole chicken. Though the experience was not pleasant, at least I can say I've done it! Maybe I will be less hesitant if DH suggests it again. We had Stove Top Stuffing and steamed peas on the side.

Tuesday: Crock pot beef tips. Though good, it needed more flavor. Of course I realized after the fact that I didn't actually look at how much beef was in the package, so I may have needed to double the seasonings. At least I remembered to turn the crock pot on!

Wednesday: Chicken nuggets and steamed veggies

Thursday: Meatball Pizza with a side salad

Friday: DH is going to smoke some turkey! Green beans and mashed potatoes on the side.

Saturday: Quesadillas

Sunday: Leftover Buffet

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