Friday, May 8, 2009

Parent Hacks

Our paper shredder died on us, but we had papers that I didn't want to just toss into the trashcan. What's a mommy to do? Pull out a hack, a Parent Hack, that is! With the torn-up papers wrapped tightly in one of Little Brother's radioactive diapers, I felt much more confident about placing them in the garbage can.

What is Parent Hacks? According to their website,
"Parent Hacks is a collaborative website that collects and publishes parents’ tips, recommendations, workarounds, and bits of wisdom – their hacks – in a single pot so we can all partake. Here’s the stuff that would have been left out of the instruction manual...if there were one. We're not experts in the pediatrician-, psychologist-, or teacher- sense. We’re just out there, raising our kids, finding the little tweaks that make this crazy adventure go a little more smoothly."
This has got to be the BEST free online parenting resource. I'm shocked that I've been doing this blog for three months and haven't mentioned it yet. But, of course, with the gadget in the top corner of my Google homepage, I don't really think of it as something separate anymore. In my mind, suggesting that you check out Parent Hacks is like suggesting that you check your email! But then it occurred to me, maybe someone hasn't discovered Parent Hacks yet. I have had access to this rich source of information since Big Brother was just a few months old. I would browse the archives as I sat there nursing him, gleaning so many ideas and tricks. Now with more than 2,000 posts, there is a hack for nearly anything you need. What issue are you dealing with right now? Potty training, sleep deprivation, picky eaters, planning a birthday party, baby proofing, and more are all covered in depth. Go now and search by keyword or browse a category; the archives are full of information. Have fun!

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