Thursday, March 19, 2009

Coupon Clipping Services

Several days ago, I listed a variety of ways you can get coupons from the Sunday inserts and shared that the newspapers on the following Sunday would have more coupons than usual, so you should go get several papers. Due to... a misunderstanding, I was unable to acquire my extra copies. I knew which coupons I wanted, so I went to ebay to search. To get those 5 particular coupons was going to cost me over $15. I couldn't get any from the same seller, so I would have had to pay separate shipping on each bundle, and, of course, I could only get them in bunches of 20 coupons, which I didn't need! So, I searched ebay to see if I could buy whole inserts. Once again, to much for what I needed. Argh!

I went to swagbucks and searched for "where can I buy extra coupon inserts." Link number 2 was Coupons & Things by Dede. On a thrifty forum I frequent, someone mentioned that they always got their coupons from Dede, but I thought Dede was another user on the forum. I didn't realize what a treasure I was missing! I was able to get 5-10 copies of each of my needed coupons, plus a few extra, a total of 55 coupons worth more than $50 in savings (before being doubled) for only $5.58 shipped!

Here are some other clipping service sites. I haven't tried any yet (except for Dede) but I thought I'd pass on the info in case you're interested.
I will add this information to my original Making the Most of the Sunday Paper post, but wanted to add this in here to make sure it gets noticed!

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