Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grocery Deals (3/18-3/24)

This is one of those weeks where I will be buying staples only. My ads (Kroger and Schnucks) start Wednesday and run until Tuesday, and I will only list the deals I intend to buy myself. Check the ads for your region to be sure these deals are in your area.

Mega Sale again this week, same items. The ad lists different ones than last week, but they were still on sale last week if you were looking. I pretty much stocked up on what I wanted last week, so I doubt I can come up with 10 Mega Sale items so I can get my $5 off.

Other good deals that are not part of the Mega Sale:
  • Kroger Milk or OJ, all varieties, 1/2 gallon, $1.29 each (That's $2.58, which is a great price for whole milk. I can't wait until I can switch DS to the less expensive milk!)
  • Sanderson Farms family pack split chicken breasts, $0.97/lb (We've really enjoyed these whenever we get them. The flavor is great, and there's a LOT of meat on there!)

The drive is not worth the few items I would get this week. I'd get some Kellogg's cereal, but that's it.

Hope that helps someone out there. Now go get your own shopping list done!

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